Mergers & Post-Merger Facilitation

The words “merger” and “acquisition” cause considerable uncertainty in any firm.

Mergers and acquisitions are signs of a healthy industry and the primary way to grow your firm. But most firms are not prepared for the major change it causes.

The result may be less staff with more work, unknown procedures, operational changes—an overall business disruption.

Proper planning, both before and after, on how to integrate different cultures and systems can alleviate issues imposed by organizational transitions.

As a former managing partner of a large accounting firm, Steve is a seasoned, objective person with the know-how to help assess where you are now and help to plan for the future.

Contact Steve for help with:

  • Establishing an integration team
  • Developing a new mission statement
  • Developing an integration plan

Post-Merger Implementation Plans

With the merger or acquisition complete, you’ve won half of the battle. That’s right, only half. Leadership must now be focused on a plan to integrate—quickly.

An implementation plan is essential when two differing cultures come together. The plan outlines desired outcomes and processes used to measure progress such as:

  • Immediate challenges
  • Long-term goals
  • New cultural values

Because so few mergers realize their true potential, Steve facilitates meetings with your post-merger team, sharing his knowledge of accounting firm inner workings.

Let Steve guide your firm through proven processes to make your plan a reality.