Professional Retreat & Meeting Facilitation

As a trained professional facilitator, Steve Erickson will help your firm get the results you need.

Being in the trenches of public accounting himself as a former managing partner of a large firm for 30 years, Steve knows the specific challenges your firm faces today. With his extensive experience in hand, Steve sees the big picture and brings fresh ideas and innovative concepts to help your firm thrive. Steve’s clients range from small multi-partner single offices, to top 100 firms with multiple locations. His facilitation services are an affordable, effective opportunity to get everyone on the same track, moving in the same direction.

Unlike some other consultants, Steve doesn’t have a one size fits all approach to facilitation, rather each engagement is customized to meet the specific goals and objectives of your firm. Before each engagement Steve surveys and interviews with members of your firm to ensure he has a clear understanding of your situation, then assists you in preparing an agenda to accomplish your objectives.

Annual Planning Retreats

To help keep their discussions focused and ensure all their objectives are met, many of Steve’s clients continue to bring him back for many years to facilitate their annual planning retreats.  In the end it is all about results and accountability.

Obtaining resolution and making progress can significantly enhance your partner unity and success. By engaging an independent and objective facilitator, every partner or attendee can express their individual thoughts and needs without being second guessed about their motives and intentions.  Professional facilitation helps to bring civility to the process by establishing ground rules which limit bad behavior and conversations that shut down effective communication.  After working with Steve, his clients often comment that, “We accomplished more than I thought was possible”, “This was the best retreat we have had”, “We were able to talk about things we had never been able to talk about”.

Strategic Planning Retreats

How many times have you gone through a planning session and developed an action plan that never got implemented?  This is usually due to an overly optimistic plan that has very little chance of success from the outset.  As a result partners and employees lose confidence and subsequently abandon the plan. Facilitation can keep planning sessions grounded and on target so plans are achievable.

Steve’s approach to Strategic Planning is to establish themes with a focus on implementation and success.  Each success is treated as a building block and as it’s put in place the next initiative is undertaken.  The goal is to make continual progress and improvement, drive a stake in the ground with each success and then tackle the next challenge.

Dispute Resolution and Improved Partner Unity

Differences of opinion, long-term unresolved issues, poor communication or different personal goals can have a negative effect on any practice.  If you want to achieve immediate financial improvement, this is it.  Partners and employees that have resolved their issues are more productive and as a result the firm is more profitable.

Succession Planning/Transition Matters

Retirement is a stressful time with many uncertainties for everyone involved.  Will I get paid?  Will we retain the clients?  Who is going to do the work?

The greatest mistake many firms make is trying to transition clients too quickly at the last possible moment.  The process must be intentional and measured to ensure everyone, including the client, is comfortable.  Facilitated succession planning sessions are designed to bring order to the chaos by creating mutual obligations and responsibilities that include a time line for the transition.

Firm Structure/Governance

As your firm grows, there can be confusion regarding roles, structure and how decisions will be made.  With growth your firm must move from an entrepreneurial environment, to one that is more structured and predictable.

Steve can facilitate your meetings to help you discuss issues and design a structure and governance system that meets your needs.

Post Merger Integration

You have completed a merger or acquisition and now have to get everyone on the same page with a plan going forward.  But, how do you do that when your firm members are confused about how the work is going to be done and what their role will be in the combined firm.

Steve’s facilitation services will help you identify the issues and assist you in the development of a post merger integration plan including facilitated employee meetings when necessary.

To discuss how Steve can facilitate your next meeting or event, contact him today!