Leadership Training & Development for CPAs

Leaders in any firm deal continuously with changing technology, revolving workforce, and revisions to regulations. And, most prevalently, lack of unity among partners.

These dynamics have a significant impact on current performance and future leadership. Preparing for what lies ahead takes strong leaders. Having a leadership title doesn’t mean much if you aren’t genuine. Being a leader is not just a position, but a set of skills and abilities.

4 Tenets of Strong Leaders

With Steve’s 30 years of experience he has identified the four key tenets strong leaders must address to improve accountability and productivity.

  1. Success must be defined for every member of the firm. All members must understand where the firm is going and how they fit into the plans; how the compensation system works, what is expected for marketing and client development, their career development and retention program, and how they will achieve their personal/professional goals.
  2. Developing a culture of unquestioned integrity.The personal and professional ethics, the reputation of the firm and the level of trust within the firm must be nurtured, protected, and unquestioned.
  3. Providing a secure working environment.Security is provided through a stable organization with a supported structure, a reasonable and understood succession plan, a prudent risk management program, and sufficient capital and investment.
  4. An uncompromising commitment to quality and client service.Quality control systems have never been more important than now. A firm leader must implement the standards for client acceptance and retention, client service, and process improvement.

Steve realized long ago that effective people, who work together to achieve success, equals a victorious firm. As a skilled and motivating speaker and teacher Steve has developed specific tools that will empower your firms’ leaders to achieve these key tenets.

Steve’s clients often call his work ‘transformational’ because of the life changing impact on the attendee’s personal and professional lives. He conducts both public and in-house seminars focusing on: leadership, management development, personal and business success and the business of public accounting for seniors, supervisors, managers and partners of accounting firms. His programs are unique, customized to each session or firm and are not offered anywhere else.

Steve can customize his programs to fit the unique needs of your firm.  Contact him today to learn more.