Profitability & Performance Consulting for CPA Firms

Steve Erickson knows the business of public accounting.

He’s been named one of the 10 most recommended consultants by Inside Public Accounting for the past 5 consecutive years.

He’s also been in your shoes and knows the challenges and hurdles faced by managing partners, executive staff and employees on a day-to-day basis.

Bringing Steve in for a private day of talking with partners & staff, or building a partner retreat with him, will make an immediate difference to profitability & performance.


Steve’s expertise is available to your firm to find new ideas and creative solutions for your profitability model. Start now!

There are two significant truths among profitable, performing firms:

  1. Highly successful firms are skilled at balancing values within the critical areas of their practices; people, internal systems, clients, strategic decisions and actions.
  2. Prosperous owners do not waste precious time putting out fires, they use their time to create value in their practices.

Throughout his 30 year career, Steve has studied and worked with scores of firms across North America.

  • He is intimately familiar with the barriers that keep firms from moving forward.
  • He knows how to guide successful firms to create significantly greater value.
  • He builds growth in terms of current income and the ability to extract value at a later date.

Profit Improvement Model - get your CPA firm on the profitability track!

Steve’s conversations with managing partners, his studies, research, and experience with clients, led him to design a Profit Improvement Model™. Using the model as a reference point, Steve demonstrates how firms can improve their performance and results by focusing on their most pressing issues.

Profit Improvement Model™ is backed by tools, consulting and training services that are designed to assist firms in enhancing their value both immediately and in the long-term.

Steve’s consulting approach includes:

  • Initial surveys, assessments and interviews to ensure he fully understands your current situation before designing an agenda to accomplish your objectives
  • A structured retreat process to identify issues, resolve problems, and create an action plan
  • Guidance to implement the action plan to gain immediate results on identified critical issues
  • Consulting projects are then designed to achieve improved profitability and enhanced governance, operations and succession.

To improve your firms’ profitability & performance for the long-term, contact Steve today.

(505) 331-9100