Profit Improvement Coaching

Steve has observed and studied scores of firms, including running a large one through a complete growth lifecycle.

He knows the barriers that keep firms from moving forward.

And he knows how to guide successful firms to create significantly greater value both in terms of current income and the ability to extract value at a later date.

In almost every case he studied, successful firms were skilled at balancing the common, agreed-upon values with the critical areas of their practices—those relating to people, internal systems, clients, and strategic decisions and actions.

What Steve knows is that prosperous owners do not waste precious time putting out fires. They use their time to create value in their practices. They think creatively about current services as well as potential new and different offerings.

If you struggle with these things, Profit Improvement Coaching can make a big difference for you.

Profit Improvement Model - get your CPA firm on the profitability track!Steve’s conversations with managing partners, his studies, research, and experience with clients, led him to design a Value Improvement Model™.

Using the model as a reference point, Steve demonstrates how firms can improve their performance and results by focusing on their most pressing issues.

Steve’s consulting approach usually includes:

  • A structured retreat process to identify issues, resolve problems, and create an action plan
  • Guidance to implement the action plan to gain immediate results on identified critical issues
  • Leadership-Accountability-Action training workshops for managers and owners
  • Consulting and coaching programs on succession, practice management, and personal leadership and accountability

This model, tools, and consulting and training modules were created by Steve to assist firms in enhancing their value both immediately and in the long-term.

Even just a few individualized Profit Improvement Coaching sessions with Steve can put you on a new, faster track to achieving the results you desire – personally & professionally.