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Make this year’s retreat meaningful & productive!

Get everyone on the same page for increased profitability, accountability and efficiency This is the time of the year when firms start planning their retreats and firm meetings. Following are a few ideas to help you with this process. Focus … Continue reading

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Talk to Your Clients about Your Fees

I thought the following 2010 article was worth repeating. During this busiest time of year it is very important that CPA firms focus on client service as a large percentage of client interactions will take place over the next few … Continue reading

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How do you get on top of tax time?

Have you got a strategy you employ during tax time to stay organized, energized and balanced? It’s important to remember to take care of yourself – and your family – during this stressful time of year.  Nothing, really, is more … Continue reading

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More on accountability in accounting…

Just wanted to share the latest . . . Engineered Tax Services picked up an article and published it. I really appreciate when the greater accounting community “gets” my approach and shares it with their clients. Click to read the … Continue reading

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Partners Get on the Same Page!

Improve partner relationships and watch your firm performance and profits soar! I hear a very common concern from the employees in many firms that I have visited. “The partners are not on the same page. In fact many of the … Continue reading

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2012 Can be a Great Year!

The choice is yours. During this time of year I tend to reflect on my life and develop plans for the future and I imagine that many of you are doing the same so I thought I would share some … Continue reading

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Accountability, Efficiency and the Quest for the Perfect Public Accountant

“We need more accountability in this firm”. “Our people need to be more efficient”. “When I was doing that job I always brought it in on budget. Why can’t they do the same”? Does any of this have a familiar … Continue reading

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A Great Read!

I just finished That Used to Be Us by Thomas L. Friedman and Michael Mandelbaum. It is one of the best books I have read over the past few years and stimulated much thought concerning the USA’s current economic situation … Continue reading

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3 Critical Targets for the Accounting Profession in 2012

Accounting firms worldwide will need to target several key issues in order to maintain viability in 2012: improve profitability, retain staff and clients, maintain quality and remain relevant in today’s marketplace. Reliance on the Financial Audit The audit product simply … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Rethink CPA Firm Staffing

I have been giving quite a bit of thought to the cost/price squeeze facing many CPA firms. Salary and benefit costs are at an all time high as a percentage of net revenue and profit margins have been decreasing for … Continue reading

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