• More on accountability in accounting…

    Just wanted to share the latest . . . Engineered Tax Services picked up an article and published it. I really appreciate when the greater accounting community “gets” my approach and shares it with their clients. Click to read the … Continue reading

  • 2012 Can be a Great Year!

    The choice is yours. During this time of year I tend to reflect on my life and develop plans for the future and I imagine that many of you are doing the same so I thought I would share some … Continue reading

  • A Great Read!

    I just finished That Used to Be Us by Thomas L. Friedman and Michael Mandelbaum. It is one of the best books I have read over the past few years and stimulated much thought concerning the USA’s current economic situation … Continue reading

  • It’s Time to Rethink CPA Firm Staffing

    I have been giving quite a bit of thought to the cost/price squeeze facing many CPA firms. Salary and benefit costs are at an all time high as a percentage of net revenue and profit margins have been decreasing for … Continue reading

  • Improving Accountability in Your Firm

    Improving partner and staff accountability is essential in these economic times. I think many partners associate accountability with increased conflict and typically shy away from addressing the issues. As a result most accountability discussions take place after the fact when … Continue reading

  • Practical Steps for Transitioning Clients

    Steve was recently interviewed by internationally recognized firm management expert Patrick McKenna, about the Practical Steps for Transitioning Clients. Nobody can serve forever. Eventually, either through retirement, merger, acquisition or firm demise, your clients are going to need to work … Continue reading

  • Your CPA firm hiring practices – do you hire right, or right now?

    Hiring practices at  CPA firms are changing. Many CPA firms are taking advantage of the current state of the economy to hire experienced accounting personnel, previously employed at larger, downsized firms. Local CPA firms with the idea that there will … Continue reading

  • 5 critical areas that create CPA Firm Value

    Are you building the value of your practice? Are you making the money you would like to make today, and when the time comes for your transition or succession will your partners or others be willing buyers? When owners focus … Continue reading

  • 10 Keys to Recruitng, Hiring & Retaining Valuable Employees

    Does your firm have a consistent hiring message and formalized training program for new hires? CPA and consultant Steve Erickson developed 10 tips to help firms in achieving their hiring and retention goals. Increase focus and efforts. Make recruiting a … Continue reading

  • The Current Economic Reality for Accounting Firms

    A message you must share with your staff! During my speaking and consulting travels this year, partners and managing partners say they are frustrated with their staff’s expectations in spite of the effects the “Great Recession” has had on their … Continue reading

  • Actively Manage Your Practice for Higher Profits in 2010

    Many accounting firms are managed by continually looking at past events to analyze their practice and make business decisions. Whether it is discovering job overruns in their work-in-process that can’t be billed or reading their financial statements 3 or 4 … Continue reading

  • Controlling Labor Costs in CPA Firms

    Salary and benefits expense as a percentage of net revenues is approaching and in some cases exceeding 50% in many CPA firms at this time. Fifteen years ago these expenses averaged around 35% of net revenues. The revenues of accounting … Continue reading

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